Electrical Assembler

    Jordan Station, Lincoln, ON, Canada

    Job Title: Electrical Panel Assembler

    Position Type: Full-time, Permanent

    Starting Wage: $20.00/ Hourly

    Work Location: Vineland, ON



    Successful candidate would report to the supervisor, the Electrical Assembler is responsible for all electrical assembly in the shop and installation/connection/troubleshooting/ teardown in the assembly area. The electrical assembler is responsible for installing high-quality electrical panel work and taking measures to increase the company’s effectiveness and efficiency.


    • Ability to read and understand blueprints, electrical schematics, install connections identified and properly affixed as per Code
    • Responsible for the checking and quality of all components as well as recognizing interconnections within the system architecture
    • Efficient Assembly/install times
    • Initiate reports and generate maintenance records associated with the electrical systems for the operations
    • Coordination of maintenance activities with other technicians under the direction of the Electrical Supervisor
    • Perform inspections of assemblies and subassemblies during the building of the panels
    • Ability to operate independently and safely


    • Post- secondary education in an electrical capacity
    • 3-5 years of electrical experience
    • Strong knowledge in electrical theory and troubleshooting techniques
    • Excellent communications, interpersonal, and organization skills required
    • Works well in teams
    • Attention to detail

                                                                      To Apply

    Please send your resume to 7680@kellyservices.com

    Category: Electronic Assembly

    Reference ID: CA7680GD000030

    Date Posted: 08/05/2020

    Shortcut: http://jobs.en.kellyservices.ca/s2zz3l

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