Distribution Service Representatives

    200 Whitehall Dr, Markham, ON, Canada

    Selected Skills:
    Additional Skills: Responsible to accurately and productively receive and put-away inbound material and pick, pack and ship customer orders. Responsible to ensure work area is safe, orderly and clean. Possible over time required. Ability to collaborate with fellow employees and work as an effective team member and to influence and persuade indirect reports. Understand impact of decisions across distribution functions, tempered with educated risk taking, have a sense of urgency, when needed.

    Responsible for adherence to identified Site Security controls, identified SOX controls, and identified regulatory and quality controls required under ISO13485 and Health Canada Good Manufacturing Practices (GUI 0001). Diligent participation in and awareness of policies on Ethical and Legal responsibilities of organization employees

    Fills orders or issues supplies from stock.
    Checks physical condition of supplies/inventory.
    Counts materials, documents and other items.
    Records numbers, codes or other information.
    May use technology (PCs, scanners, etc.) to complete job tasks.
    SAP, experience preferred.

    Please email resume to satc681@kellyservices.com

    Category: Logistics

    Reference ID: CA7118SC000024

    Date Posted: 29/07/2020

    Shortcut: http://jobs.en.kellyservices.ca/qQmxqc

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