Computer Technician

    St. John's, NL, Canada
    • Set-up

    This position is from Sept 3rd and is 1 week in duration to assist with election set-up.


    • Setup and connection of a new or existing non-connected workstation (desktop, laptop) or other hardware peripheral (monitor, printer, scanner, etc.)
    • Setup and connection of directly attached peripheral devices that are part of the standard configuration
    • Test the system unit to verify that hardware and software are functional with network connectivity, provided there is a working network data line installed at the location
    • Test additional hardware peripherals to verify proper functionality with the main system unit
    • Obtain specified device information (eg. machine type, serial number, etc.) if required as part of the Install process
    • Provide updated Asset data as required with in the ticketing system
    • Provide the client with basic equipment orientation (eg. Location of “power on” switch, etc.) 15 minutes
    • Add
    • Add to an existing system unit by installing additional hardware device(s) (eg. internal/external modem, hard disk, scanner, printer, etc.) and appropriate device driver(s)
    • Add new software application(s) or system patch to the client workstation
    • Test the added item for proper functionality
    • Obtain specified information (eg. asset information, license information, etc.) if required as part of the Add process
    • If applicable, update the configuration item (CI) information


    • Modify settings or configuration of existing hardware device(s) or associated device driver(s)
    • Modify settings or configuration of existing software application(s)
    • Test the modified item for proper functionality
    • Obtain specified information (eg. asset information, license information, etc.) if required as part of the Change process


    • Bachelor degree or 2+ years of post secondary program in related discipline
    • Minimum of 2 years of relevant Experience
    • When called to site, mileage will be paid
    • Very detailed and team oriented individual with strong communication skills,

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    Category: Information Technology

    Reference ID: CA762CJD000562

    Date Posted: 08/08/2019


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